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Intensives 2019



Hosted by Carmine Black ft. Alethea Austin, this 5 day seminar is an expansion of the first year of the sensual movement intensive. It's focus is to actively explore technical and conceptual aspects of sensual movement, on and off the pole. This seminary focuses strictly on progressions, technique, and freestyle (NO CHOREOGRAPHY).

This second year is an ongoing SERIES where each day incorporates an in-depth understanding of how to explore sensuality, while giving students an opportunity to expand their movement vocabulary. The focus is especially curated for experienced movers, teachers, studio owners & students.


The Details:

When: Sept 11-15th, 2019

Where: The entire seminar will take place at Incredipole in Brooklyn, NY. For more info on the space//address, click on the link above.

What: 15 hours of on//off the pole & signature movement classes.

12 spots are available. First come, first serve!
This is for experienced movers, and pole dancers.

Registration opens Monday April 15, 2019!

Enrollment for this event (ALL 5 DAYS) is $850.

Payment plans are also available:

$300 Deposit to reserve your spot.*

$145 Payment due May 15, June 15, July 1, Aug 25 (For entire session). Admin fee is already included to total $ for the entire session.

*Payment does not include airfare, lodging, meals, or additional activities. But the host can help coordinate group airbnb requests, and will have housing available that weekend.

*All payments are non-refundable. Clients/Students can request help from the host in finding someone to replace their spot. However it is the students responsibility to find a replacement.

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