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September Series

Carmine Black / Blue Phoenix

Carmine Black - Heels Intensive


Heels 101

Friday, Sept. 14, 8:00PM

This workshop is a focuses on the fundamentals of how walk, move, and dance in platform heels. Students will explore examine the structure of the platform, and how to utilize movement safely in heels. Class will include light walking and gliding progressions, and how to properly condition the body to dance safely.

$65 for 90 mins 



Saturday, Sept. 15, 1:00PM

This workshop focuses on foundation dance progressions that create a sensual movement aesthetic. Students will explore how to initiate movement from their breath, actively connect to pelvis/hips, understand how to what makes movement flow through transitions. Class will include walking progressions, sensual prompts, and how to properly condition the body to dance safely.

$70 for 2 hours



Saturday, Sept. 15, 5:30PM

This workshop focuses on deeper progressions of sensual & exotic technique. The introduction into Edgework conditioning/Heel Technique, as well as Sensual & Exotic Methodologies. Students will build progressions on foundational movement on the bottom third of the pole, as well as floor progressions & sequences in heels. Students will also explore elements of what makes movement connected, and sensual (i.e. what makes something sexy).

$70 for 2 hours


Function & Flow

Sunday, Sept. 16, 11:00AM

This workshop focuses on gliding and floating progressions, as well as sensual & exotic methodologies. Students will explore intermediate floorwork & sequences in heels, and intermediate explorative elements of sensual movement (partner/energy play). Heel clacking, weight transfer, articulation, and musicality will also be discussed.

$70 for 2 hours

*Disclaimer - When Purchasing Workshops, please notate which Classes you wish to attend.

Blue Phoenix Series


Waves for Days 

Saturday, Sept. 15, 4:00PM

Get your leg waves looking more fluid and gooey both on and off the pole! We will look at some of the tricks to making your leg movements smoother and more coordinated, including some stretches to improve your wave technique! Heels definitely recommended!

$70 for 2 hours



Saturday, Sept. 15, 7:30PM

Signature style floorwork and routine-based class. Think body rolls, back rolls and legs, legs LEGS! It’s your chance to make an extra connection with your audience – engage them with your eyes, your expression, and smooth, sexy, slinky movements. Work on your tricks and transitions across the floor and around the pole, body articulation and stage presence! Heels and long socks or knee pads highly recommended!

$70 for 2 hours


Aerial Phe-rotica

Sunday, Sept. 16, 5:00PM

Bring your erotic and sensual movements back up the pole in this workshop designed to help you keep your connection with your audience whilst aerial! We will work on small combinations of movement and tricks concentrating on flow and sensual extension.

$70 for 2 hours


Sexy and Flexy Pole

Sunday, Sept. 16, 7:30PM

For those wanting to develop their flexibility and movement on and around the pole! Learn a variety of flexibility-based tricks and transitions that will have you melting from pole to floor, and floor back to pole! Work on positioning your body to show your bendiest angles and profiles, and stretches to develop your flexibility training further, and more safely.

 $70 for 2 hours

*Disclaimer - When Purchasing Workshops, please notate which Classes you wish to attend.